Pink Bitz Bulk Pack

Pink Bitz Bulk Pack


  • $9.00

The PE Pink bits were created in 2012 with a customer asking for a smaller fly which targeted a wider range of smaller mouthed species and with the smaller fly I opted for a brighter more vibrant fly. 
This fly was put under vigorous field testing for over 12 months catching a vast range of species all over Queensland including : Red emperor, Coral trout, Red throat emperor, Snapper, Pearl perch, parrot, Large mouth Nannygai, Grassy sweetlip, many different cod species just to name a few.
These flys are matched up with the super sharp BFG range which will penetrate any reef fish even in the hard part of the mouth these flys have proved to be most successful on a paternoster rig although have been very handy on a running ball rig also. 

These are a must for any serious anglers tackle box

**Price is for 3 Flys**