Snapper Mutsu Bulk Pack

Snapper Mutsu Bulk Pack


  • $30.00

The Snapper and Parrot Pack consists of 2 pilchard on 5/0, 2 Slimey Mackerel on 5/0 and 2 Blue Fusilier on 5/0. The 5/0 hook is very strong and has landed fish up to 80lb even on 40lb leader. Parrot have small mouths and the smaller hook allows for better hookups and consistently landing hooked fish. This is perfect for the Moreton Bay / Shallow offshore fisherman who wants to have the best possible chance in any conditions to land some good fish.

 These flys are seasonal and it all depends on whats in stock. They will run out soon though so get in quick!


These are a must for any serious anglers tackle box

**Price is for 5 Flys**