Hussar Glow Big Bait Fly


  • $9.00

The Hussar Glow fly has been field tested over and over again and continues to prove to be one of the best big bait flys with results over and over again and is a consistent performer when it comes to snagging that trophy red.
There has been known captures of reds up the 17kg on this fly and we have the pics to prove it!
When you need that edge to improve your chances in picking up a two figure Red , the Hussar Glow is the fly for you. This fly has been professionally tied to a 10/0 Mutsu or an 6/0 Deep V Reefmaster hook. These hooks are super strong and very sharp.
The glow fibre is very affective after the sun goes down with the fly presenting a very natural flowing effect which brings the fish in close then the added smell of bait will trigger a bite. 
Another very popular option is ganging 3 deep v reefmaters for whole husser or whole mullet fillets proving to be very effective in the search for big trophy fish.