Lowrance & Simrad Heavy Duty Sounder Bracket

The Tackle Merchant

  • $159.00
  • Save $40

All anglers know any weak point on your boat will show up at the worst of times. After many fishing trips over the years where broken parts had ruined the day, The Tackle Merchant set out to design heavy duty marine parts that are built to handle the toughest of conditions. Let me introduce to you our Heavy Duty Sounder Brackets.

The Tackle Merchant's Heavy Duty Sounder Brackets are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. They have been pressure and stress tested in many different scenarios by a certified engineer. They are built to deter ALL vibration, be unbreakable as long as installed correctly and they add  #boatporn to your sounder setup. 

They are built in a CNC Mill out of 5mm aluminium, they have specially engineered jigs made for the presses in the bends that deter all vibration and add incredible strength, yes you heard that correctly, specially designed jigs, you can't just put standard presses into 5mm aluminium! They have been anodised to marine quality in a range of colours that really make your sounder setup standout!

Your sounder units are one of the most expensive assets in your boat, so we've produced a bracket that'll protect your sounder in all conditions. Yes, we agree with you that the brackets aren't cheap, to be able to deliver on our claims 'deter all vibration, unbreakable, Australian Made' and have an immaculate finish, that comes at a cost.  Whether your in a small aluminium boat battling the choppy weather through a river or bay, in a large fibreglass vessel fighting the swell offshore or you just want to add some #boatporn to your sounder setup, there is a place for a heavy duty sounder bracket in your boat!

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  • Designed, stress tested and pressure tested by a certified engineer in Australia
  • Specially designed jigs made for the presses in the bends that deter all vibration and add an incredible amount of strength (watch the video)
  • Ensures your expensive asset is safe under all conditions!
  • No vibrating of sounder unit even in the harshest conditions
  • Unique Custom Heavy Duty Design
  • 5mm Aluminium Made in CNC Mill
  • Immaculate Marine Grade Professional Anodised finish
  • Great looking anodised colours to add some boat porn to your sounder setup
  • Australian Made!
  • Can do custom colours, email mark@anglers360.com for special orders

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