Pilly Glow Big Bait Fly

Pilly Glow Big Bait Fly


  • $9.00

The latest addition to our arsenal against the red beast of the deep. Introducing to you the Pilly Glow. This fly has been very successful chasing Red Emperor off 1770 and Break Sea Spit, Fraser Island, double island point and Mackay region.

This is another fly which adds the glow which helps at night but is also a very successful fly through the day in depths above 20m.

Available tied to the 6/0 Reefmaster Deep V hook or 10/0 Mutsu Circle. Just check out the results, they speak for themselves.

Also available in a ganged version for larger baits to tempt those massive red emperor!
This is the original and the best, don't be fooled by imitations and knockoffs!